Why Location is Everything at WestGate Condos in Tuscaloosa

There’s nothing like scoring a terrific set of tickets to the big game. You know the ones – those seats a few rows up and right on the 50-yard line behind the sideline. It’s that perfect location that can turn a great game into the greatest game. 

But what if you had a VIP location for the entire weekend? That’s exactly what you get when you stay at WestGate condos in Tuscaloosa. Our luxurious facility is just steps from the stadium, keeping you in the heart of the action every second of your stay. What can that mean for your gameday experience? We’re glad you asked. 

Prime Parking.

Parking is no one’s favorite part of gameday. Finding a space near the stadium is hard enough, but navigating the pre- and post-game traffic can be a real nightmare. WestGate guests don’t have to panic over parking thanks to our private on-site parking garage! Its keypad-entry design makes it safe and secure, and its prime location means you won’t burn gas on a gameday weekend. You may not even have to move it again until it’s time to head out.

Easy Game Entry.

If you aren’t a line-lover, WestGate is the place for you. Our prime view of the stadium means you can wait in comfort until the entry lines clear, then still have enough time to walk the mere feet from our door to your gate. It’s like your own Walk of Champions!

SkyGate Club TVs

Find a Full Halftime Experience.

Because WestGate is so close to the stadium, it’s easy to head back at halftime. Instead of spending the entire break waiting for the bathroom, you’ll have enough time to refill your drinks, grab a bite to eat, and catch up on other games in our SkyGate Club before heading back to your seat. Halftime may become your favorite part of the game! 

Convenient Comfort.

Gameday weather isn’t always wonderful. If your seat gets struck by blinding rain, blasting heat, or bitter cold, you can come back to WestGate to relax in comfort while you catch the game on one of our high-def TVs.

Private Lockers

Store Your Stuff.

It’s not smart – or encouraged – to enter the stadium with a full bag of stuff you have to stow under your seat. If you stay at WestGate condos in Tusacloosa, you’ll always have easy access to your gameday essentials thanks to your private storage locker, and, of course, your condo. You can easily walk back to refill your cup, charge your phone, or grab a jacket. Forgot your shaker? No problem!

Are you ready to elevate your gameday experience? Book your WestGate stay today! 

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