Why Book a Hotel When You Can Book WestGate?

Tuscaloosa hosts a ton of visitors, and there’s no shortage of places to stay. Hotels provide a convenient option for T-town travelers, but their basic accommodations and crowded design can leave a lot to be desired. Today’s travelers want a better blend of comfort, convenience, and style, even for those shorter stays. 

Which is why we created WestGate. Tuscaloosa’s finest luxury condominiums offer an elevated experience that hotels can’t match, from our first-class amenities and upscale decor to our convenient location in the heart of the city. Whether you’re visiting a student, catching a game, or taking a family trip, WestGate offers plenty of perks that will have you wondering why you ever booked a hotel. 

Peaceful Privacy 

Our luxury condos provide unparalleled privacy. Unlike a hotel’s row of connected rooms, our units are spacious suites that are thoughtfully designed to feel like a private abode. They include private kitchens, balconies, bathrooms and living spaces–everything you need for a peaceful, quiet stay. Larger spaces also mean more room for sounds to travel, so you won’t be bothered by the neighbors next door. 

Space to Spread Out

You’ll never feel cramped in our condos–there’s just too much room. Our floorplans feature 1- to 5-bedroom units with plenty of personal space for the whole family to enjoy. If you’re visiting a student who lives on campus, it’s a great place to hangout and gives them a room to stay if they need a break from the dorms (or their roommate). 

Luxurious Comfort

We all know that hotel feeling of bare walls and basic decor. At WestGate, we go beyond the basics to wrap our guests in all the comforts of home, and then some. Our condos feature luxuries like upscale decor, hardwood floors, premium appliances, and quality furnishings. Each unit also has a private balcony, endless hot water, a convenient wet bar, and a lush, spa-worthy bathroom. 

Affordable Rates 

Luxury can come with a luxurious price tag, but our rates are comparable to similar hotels. Depending on your travel dates and the size of your group, you can stay at WestGate for as low as $250 per night! And with fully equipped kitchens for in-home meals and free on-site parking, you can save money during your stay to sweeten the deal.

Amazing Location

Some hotels have you far away from a city’s main attractions. WestGate is located in the heart of Tuscaloosa, just steps from the school campus, our iconic stadium, and all the delights of downtown. You can walk to many of our most popular spots and sporting events, or take a short drive to find new favorites. It’s an ideal spot for visiting parents, football fans, business trips and more.

Staying in a hotel has its perks, but when you’re looking for a more private, luxurious experience during your stay in Tuscaloosa, look no further than WestGate Condominiums. You’ll get more privacy and comfort than you would at a hotel, not to mention an ideal location close to all the best attractions. WestGate offers luxurious accommodations at an affordable price, so don’t hesitate to book your stay today!

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