What WestGate Ownership Really Means

When you buy a WestGate condo, you’re getting so much more than a space next to the stadium (but hey – that’s a pretty big benefit.) That’s because WestGate ownership means far more than just fantastic football! It means stress-free trips to T-Town any time of year. It means luxurious living in a space designed for comfort and celebration. It means weekends full of family and friends and, yes, football. It means being part of a family that goes far beyond the field to celebrate all of your victories big and small.

In short, WestGate owners are an exclusive club of committed fans that live the ultimate legacy each and every day. 

Here’s what WestGate ownership really means. 


Tuscaloosa is a big town, and our fabulous facility is right in the heart of the action. Thanks to our prime location just steps from the university campus, there’s no easier way to visit your beloved college student (while still respecting their space.) We’re also within walking distance of The Strip, a lively spot for dining, shopping, nightlife and more. Of course, being right next door to the stadium makes every gameday a breeze! 

Onsite Management Team

Rental Income.

That’s right – WestGate ownership pays for itself! As an owner, you can participate in WestGate’s short-term rental program to keep living your legacy while maximizing your investment. If you’ve never owned a rental property before, don’t worry – there’s no stress or special knowledge involved. Our experienced on-site management team can handle everything from condo cleaning and maintenance to guest and customer service to online marketing and more. 

Fitness Center

Awesome Amenities.

Does your home have a fully stocked fitness center? It does now! The perks of WestGate ownership don’t stop at your front door. You’ll enjoy year-round access to some amazing amenities, including our kid-friendly gaming lounge, private on-site parking, the help of our on-site staff and the many cool features of The SkyGate Club.


A Lasting Legacy.

WestGate owners are winners both on and off the field. As an owner, you’ll spend every stay making priceless memories with your friends, family, and fellow fans. You’ll enjoy elevated gamedays that most fans only dream of. You’ll generate great income and secure a spectacular space that your children – and their children – can always enjoy.

Don’t Wait to Own at WestGate!

We currently have 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom condos available, but they won’t last long! Contact our sales team today to secure your legacy at 855-287-1318.

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