Finding the Perfect Condo in Tuscaloosa

Different strokes for different folks. You like chocolate, I like vanilla. In life, we all have different needs and preferences and this notion is not lost on the Tuscaloosa condominium development community. Here’s a snapshot of the three main categories of condos in Tuscaloosa.

1. Game Day Condos

Gameday condo buildings are typically located inside the Box (University Blvd. to the north, 15th to the south, Queen City to the west and McFarland Blvd. to the East). The buildings are generally occupied on home game weekends and either rented out to students or left unoccupied the balance of the year. Somewhat limited parking. One space per unit is typical. The units are usually no frills, no extras. Their main benefit is offering its owner somewhere to sleep, eat and tailgate before and after home games. Units can range from $159,000 to $570,000

2. Luxury Game Day Condos

Like Game Day Condos, these will be located inside the Box. They will be generally most heavily occupied during home football game weekends. They will have the extras that you won’t find in most game day condos such as:

Fitness facilities

Access control

More than one parking space per unit

Higher level of finishes (quartz, hard woods, designer appliances and fixtures)

Some have built-in tailgating space/catered game days

Typically concrete construction

It is not unusual to find an extra room labeled “kids room” or “library” which can serve as an extra bedroom.

The bedroom and bathroom count are at least equal, if not one more half bath than bedroom.

They range in price from $550,000 to $1,900,000

3. Residential Condos (non-game day)

These condos are typically located outside the Box and are occupied year-round by permanent residents (owners or renters). Access is typically controlled by the main gate, and, like many apartment complexes, these condos usually include access to a clubhouse or fitness facility and pool. These condos are typically stick built (wood framing and structure), and will include some min-level finishes. You get can get these at a great value, but you’ll still need to commute to the stadium on gameday.

They range in price from $112,900 to $225,000

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