Take a Tuscaloosa Craft Beer Tour

Our next National Title isn’t the only thing brewing in Tuscaloosa. The college town has been home to a thriving craft beer scene since 2012, when changes to the city’s zoning ordinance allowed breweries and brewpubs to begin – and begin they did. The city is now home to three local breweries creating their own craft beers right inside the city, as well as numerous bars and brewpubs where newbies and craft connoisseurs alike can choose from large lists of unique and local brews. 

It makes sense that craft beer and college football would go hand-in-hand since both of their fans are known to have discerning taste. WestGate guests are also known to have high standards, so on your next visit be sure to stop by one (or all) of these spots to find your new favorite craft beer. 

Druid City Brewing Company

607 14th Street
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Tuscaloosa’s first official brewery continues to be one of the best. Their craft beers are known to be complex and full-bodied, such as their “Downtown Northporter” which features rich chocolate and vanilla flavors that begin as a roasty malt before turning to a “velvety, sweet finish”. Other offerings include the Lamplighter IPA (full of tropical fruit and free hops), the Riverside Saison (a spicy farmhouse ale), Druid City Wheat (a basic citrus for any occasion), and the American Pale Ale (crisp with a generous burst of Cascade hops). ABVs range from 5 to 9.1, guaranteeing an intoxicating time in every flavor. 

The flavors may be fancy, but the taproom is decidedly no-frills. It creates a great balance against their lively entertainment, which includes everything from live and local music to comedy acts to trivia nights and more. They’re open 7 days a week and sit just 1.2 miles from WestGate, making it a must-do stop on your Tuscaloosa craft beer tour. 

Black Warrior Brewing Company

2216 University Blvd.
Tuscaloosa, Al 35401

Craft beer and community flow freely from this downtown microbrewery, so it’s fitting it would be named after the nearby Black Warrior River. They offer more than a dozen unique brews in a range of flavor profiles, so it’s easy to find one you’ll love. Local favorites include Apricot Wheat (light and fresh), Strawberry Blonde (a crisp blonde ale), Crimson Ale (a true Irish Red), and Broad Street Brown (a dark and bitter malt). 

Their brews aren’t the only source of fun – the spacious downtown taproom features tabletop and life-sized games for some friendly competition. They also have nightly drink specials and fun events like Trivia and Bingo for some extra entertainment. 

Loosa Brews

412 20th Avenue
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Less than a mile from our door and just off The Strip, Loosa Brews is the place to go for a broad range of craft brews. They have 63 craft beers on tap, including 30 of the freshest Alabama blends (including some from both local breweries) and rare finds from around the globe. You can sip your favorites on-site or grab them to-go as a growler (or in their signature Crimson Crowler) for easy gameday transport. Should you choose to stay, be sure not to spill as you enjoy playing in the vintage arcade!

Corks and Tops

701 Paul W Bryant Drive
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

When you find a new favorite, why not take it home with you? A short three-minute walk from WestGate, Corks and Tops allows you to purchase local and national craft beers in a variety of forms. You can fill a jug from their 24-selection tap, customize a six-pack from their diverse craft beer collection, or choose from a wide range of chilled cans and bottles.

Ready to begin a fun (and responsible) craft beer tour? Book your WestGate stay today to be within walking distance of the best breweries and brewpubs in the city!

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