How WestGate Creates a Safer Gameday Experience

Tailgating in Tuscaloosa is like nothing else. As hundreds of thousands of fans come together to celebrate the football team, it creates an atmosphere that’s full of festivity and camaraderie- but can also be overwhelming at times.

Let’s be honest – nothing ruins a perfect tailgate like a sneaky thief or obnoxiously drunk fan. If you want to keep your head in the game instead of on watching your surroundings, you’ll need to tailgate right. That means planning ahead, staying smart, and choosing the right location. At WestGate Luxury Condominiums in Tuscaloosa, we handle all of that for you by creating a gameday experience as safe as it is stylish, so you can focus on watching the field.

Here’s how we help provide you an excellent gameday experience:

Onsite Management

Think of our onsite management team as your personal line of defense. Our team not only greets everyone that walks through the doors with a welcoming smile, but we also maintain a watchful eye on the comings and goings in and out of the secure building.

Secure Parking

WestGate’s private parking garage provides a hassle-free place to park on gameday. For your security, it can only be accessed by a keypad given to each condo.

Wristband Access

All dedicated tailgaters are familiar with that fan – the one who roams into your tent uninvited, wearing the wrong colors and yelling too loudly. At Tuscaloosa’s luxury condo, those terrible tailgaters are a thing of the past. When you arrive, you’ll receive a personal wristband that’s needed to access everything from the ground-floor elevators to the rooftop SkyGate (and much of the space between). This extra layer of security means only approved owners and guests enjoy the exclusive perks WestGate has to offer.

Keyless Entry

Every WestGate condo offers a keyless entry system with smartphone access. No more worrying about lost keys winding up in the wrong hands! You’ll also never have to spend long minutes digging through your bags to find your condo key – a simple swipe of the screen offers fast and easy access, day and night.

For information on how you can become an owner at WestGate, call the Alice Maxwell Team at 205-292-4546.

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