Envision the WestGate Experience

You can’t predict the future, but there are some things you just know. The sun will rise. Your football team will be a powerhouse. And if you celebrate game day at WestGate, it’s guaranteed to be a winning experience.

Of course, there are some things you have to see to believe. To prepare you for the ultimate game day experience, we invite you to let us paint a picture of your future at WestGate Luxury Condominiums in Tuscaloosa.


Your journey begins on Friday afternoon. An avid football fan, you’re heading to Tuscaloosa for the weekend to cheer on the team. As you approach WestGate, you get your first glorious view of the Stadium just a few feet from your luxurious condo. You pull into the private parking garage, where your car will be completely secure for your entire stay. You won’t need to come back until the weekend is over – from food to festivities, everything you need for the ultimate game day experience is close at hand.


As you walk through the lobby doors, familiar faces greet you from the front desk. There are no strangers on staff – these are faces you have laughed with, shared stories with, and celebrated victories with. You know them by name and they know yours. These are your people!

You use your exclusive wristband to access the elevator that will take you to your WestGate condo. Your five-bedroom residence is spectacularly clean and stocked with your favorite spirits and groceries – because that’s how the team at WestGate rolls. You’re ready for tomorrow, when your closest friends will join you to enjoy a premiere gameday experience thanks to your unit’s SkyGate Club passes.

Westgate Gameday


A fall football Saturday dawns bright and clear. You enjoy a warm cup of coffee on your private balcony, where you’re energized by the hustle and bustle of game day action below. Your belly rumbles and you are suddenly very grateful that WestGate offers a chef-prepared breakfast buffet in the SkyGate Club on game days.

You head up to the SkyClub Club to fuel up before the fun starts. This is no continental breakfast – it’s presidential! You fill your plate with chicken biscuits, fresh fruit, fluffy waffles, crispy bacon – the whole spread. As you fill your belly, you feast your eyes on an unmatched rooftop view of Tuscaloosa and the Stadium.

Skygate Club


You see familiar faces from seasons past and join them in one of the club’s many seating areas, each equipped with its own outdoor TV already broadcasting the pre-game shows. As you tune in to the terrace’s live music, you receive word from the Hospitality Team that your friends have arrived. You head to your personal locker to grab the spirits you’ve stored there and mix a custom cocktail right on the spot. Your friends walk in just in time for a game day concoction. Cheers to a great weekend!

As kick-off nears, you head back up to the rooftop terrace to enjoy an incredible birds-eye view of the Walk of Champions. You smell the savory aroma of sizzling burgers and know the chef is serving up some of your game day favorites. You and your friends grab a plate, have a few more drinks, and then walk the few feet next door to the stadium. It’s game time!


After the game, you’re greeted at WestGate with roaring cheers and victory chants. This is the life of a winner. You spend the rest of the evening celebrating with your fellow fans to top off the perfect day. You’re glad for the noon checkout the next day – it means you get to sleep in! You grab a cup of coffee for the road and head to your car, which is safe and sound right where you left it. You’re sad to be leaving, but you’re thankful for the memories you made, and for the fact that you’ll be back again – next week.

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