10 Reasons to Tailgate at WestGate

Tailgating is as much a part of gameday in Tuscaloosa as cheering for our favorite college team! Throwing a tailgate is almost an art for college football fans – one we at WestGate take very seriously. If you’re looking to enjoy the best pre-game party in town, here are 10 reasons to tailgate at WestGate

Chef-catered meals. You can’t focus on the game if you’re manning the grill! Luckily, all of our tailgates include catered meals that take the fire out of filling your belly. From juicy burgers to bold southern BBQ, every dish is perfectly prepared by our award-winning chef and served to you on a stress-free platter.  

Multiple High-Def TVs. A crowd of fans is plenty of fun – until you try to crowd everyone around a single TV screen. WestGate has more than a dozen 65-inch high-def televisions to give every fan a front-row view. 

Spacious (and comfortable) seating. Forget those flimsy folding chairs! You deserve to cheer in comfort, and that’s just what WestGate delivers. The SkyGate Club includes spacious, comfortable seating indoors and on our rooftop terrace, and every seat is positioned for a perfect view of every play. 

Private storage lockers. There’s no need to be burdened with a heavy bag when you can keep your belongings safe and secure in a private storage locker just steps from your seat. 

Complimentary cocktail mixers. Customize your cocktail at our complimentary mixing station, where you’ll find a fully stocked soda fountain and signature WestGate logo cups. 

Watch the Walk of Champions. Our rooftop terrace provides a perfect birds-eye view of the stadium and the Walk of Champions. So, you can watch the team walk without having to wade through the crowds! 

We’re steps from the stadium. There are only 200 feet between WestGate and the Stadium. That means you can wait for the long entry lines to clear out and still make your seat in time for the game! 

Terrific table games. Create your own competition with a friendly game of pool or shuffleboard in the SkyGate Club.


Keep the kids contained. If your children aren’t the cheering type, send them to The Elephant Lounge! This kids-only zone has state-of-the-art gaming consoles that will thrill the younger generation. 

Stay in style. When gameday is done, retire to your luxurious condo to sleep – and stay – like a champion. With upgraded finishes, top-of-the-line appliances, private balconies and more, you’re always a winner at WestGate.


Ready to throw down in T-Town? Book your WestGate rental today! 

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